Cloud backup service that helps protect your data. With our highly-secured backup system, your data will always be protected and not be lost even when disasters or unexpected situations occur.

Can set backup schedule to backup your data automatically. Increase performance by using data de-duplication to eliminate redundant data transmission and storage.

Support wide-range of Operating Systems including MAC OS, Windows, Linux and Solaris and support several devices such as servers, computers, smart phones and tablets.

Highly secured by using 448-bit data encryption. Your data is encrypted before transporting to the cloud backup system.

Easy to recover your data from the cloud backup system.


License Software
Month 200 Baht/1License/Month
Storage 10-100 GB 8 Baht/1GB/Month
Storage 101-150 GB 7.50 Baht/1GB/Month
Storage 151-250 GB 7.25 Baht/1GB/Month
Storage 250-500 GB 7 Baht/1GB/Month
Storage 500-1000 GB 6.75 Baht/1GB/Month
Storage 1001 GB Up 6.25 Baht/1GB/Month